Services Overview

The following services are offered to help you regain health, focus and joy.



Many people benefit from therapeutic help and support to manage the trials of life.  A good therapeutic alliance can help to navigate and heal the effects of trauma, relationship difficulties, mental health challenges, challenges with self worth, to express long held emotional pain, and more. Click the button below to learn about the modalities I use to help clients in our healing work. 



Once relief has been experienced and the reasons for coming to therapy are in the process of healing, clients often find a need for refocussing on core values, needs and the next steps of the journey. This phase of therapy  builds a solid toolkit of essential skills for dealing with the challenges of life and relationships. Click below to learn about the kinds of tools that help you move toward your goals.



Sometimes we all need a getaway to jump start a new phase of life. These 2 day retreats are active opportunities to reconnect with self and nature. We will engage with the earth through, therapeutic talks outside, walks, swimming, meditation and ceremonies to regain perspective. These retreats are tailored to suit the individual and are offered on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Click below for more info.