Take the Road You Need to Take...

This is your life...what do you want to do with it? What do you really want to do with the finite space and time you have been given? Is it going the way you would like it to, or are there things in your way? My speciality as a Counsellor for over 10 years has evolved into what I now call Soul Work. Is it religious, you may ask? Not exactly...it is deeply personal, highly spiritual and will entail some of the most important direct conversations about your life meaning and purpose you may ever have.

I am dedicated to helping you feel heard, grieve, learn from the wounds of the past and (when you are ready), move forward. Together we will utilize tools and skills that will make managing the challenges of life doable. Soul Work means taking the urgings of your spirit and core self seriously, and devising a plan to move closer to the fruition of these deep longings.  In our work together, my supportive and informed help will combine with the resources and resilience you already have to:

  • Explore what makes life meaningful for you
  • Become clear about the changes that need to happen
  • Create space and support for healing  
  • Gain tools to manage and move forward effectively--regardless of what external events are occurring
  • Create a plan to ensure lasting clarity and purpose

Just imagine for a moment how you will feel when your life is going well. Visualize what you look like being your best self. Step into the life you would like to grow into.  Are you willing to try new ideas and behaviours to heal and make your life the best it can be? 

There are steps from here to where you want to be. If you know in your heart and soul that you cannot NOT take this journey... fasten your seatbelt, muster your courage and call today.

Greetings from Dawna