Hi! I am Dawna Silver. I am passionate about living and helping you find your way to a more soulful, satisfying and meaningful life experience. I am a true believer in the power of healing, gratitude, positive manifestation and following your dreams. The path of the soul is different for everyone. Many of us have had incredible challenges to overcome along the way. The way can be fraught with doubt, fear and the powerful voices of the past. There is good news:

1. You are a survivor.  2. Healing and change are possible. 3.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! 

The path to a more satisfying life often involves the need for deep healing. This challenging passage from difficulty may require an experienced professional to guide you to the fair shores that await those with the courage to make the journey. For some people, simple changes in attitude and behaviour can mark a turning point in their lives. For all of us, life is a learning experience. We can make a difference in how we experience life. I am not only a guide but actively participate in my own journey to health and well being.  I have the experience, skill, insight, compassion, patience and belief to help you navigate your path too. 

I have earned a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology, a Bachelors in Psychology with a minor focus in Human Development. I worked for 8 years at a Vancouver Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre and learned the craft of addictions and group counselling there. I currently provide care for people around the issue of Problem Gambling on behalf of the Province of BC. A staunch believer in education and life long learning; I have taken numerous post grad workshops and training including:

  • EcoPsychology- Andy Fisher PhD- 2017

  • Intensive Trauma Treatment - Besel Van der Kolk PhD-2017

  • Emotion Focussed Therapy Level 1&2- Les Greenberg PhD- 2016

  • The Mysterium - Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes PhD-2016

  • Heartmath - The Heartmath Institute-2016

  • Neurofeedback - Dr. Swingle PhD-2015

  • Gottman Couples Therapy Level 1-3- Julie and John Gottman PhD's-2013

  • Eye Movement Desensitizing and Reprocessing- Marshal Wilensky PhD-2010

  • Biofeedback - Stens Biofeedback-2008

  • Master of Hypnosis - Crossroads Institute-2003

I currently offer in person counselling services to people at my office in downtown Vancouver  or on the Sunshine Coast in BC, Canada.  If you would like to attend soul work, positive direction & healing counselling sessions, you can reach me at 778-885-1950. If you live farther afield we can connect via telephone, Zoom (a secure web conferencing platform) or FaceTime for distance counselling. 

Your life is a precious gift, why waste another minute being anyone but your very best self...