Healing is a verb!

This means that after the therapeutic time is finished you will still have work to do. Calling the exercises and experiments in ways of being, communicating and engaging with your life and loved ones “work” is actually a misnomer. In order to really feel better, you must integrate what you learn in therapy into your life.  Being you in a slightly different way might just make life a more meaningful and satisfying experience.

This is where focus and refocusing on what is important to you at a core level becomes of vital importance. Some people know exactly where their problems began because they gave up on a part of themselves or let go of important pursuits that defined them as people. The loss of core aspects of self eventually becomes unbearable and realignment becomes necessary.

 Some people never had the time or know-how to discover what might be important to them. For these people, emptiness can scratch at the back of the neck as the journey through life becomes ever shorter. Something is missing…but what is it? For these folks the time to discover their deeper callings is essential.

 Conflict in relationships can overshadow all that is good in our lives. Couples often lack the skills to communicate effectively and can become mired in toxic patterns that colour the life experience in negative ways. Skills,support and guidance can help couples who sincerely want to work out their problems do just that. Other couples may seek therapy to find a way to dissolve relationships they no longer choose to commit to.

 Mental health, trauma, grief and other life experiences often need attention. Therapy can help lay the bones of these burdens to rest and arm clients with the necessary tools to move positively forward toward the best possible living experience. Once the healing happens, the time to refocus on life and choose directions into a more positive future becomes the exciting, sometimes scary, sometimes joyful and always interesting endeavour.