What Do I Do Best?

Being in business as a helper is often a strange dance with seemingly opposite purposes. On one hand, easing the suffering of others is the purpose and end goal. It is what most Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Coaches and Soul Guides go into business to do. Business, on the other hand is about promotion, earnings and success. It is such a privilege to help others as a way of making a living...and it comes with a huge responsibility.

I was recently asked by a wise friend what is my speciality as a therapist. This is not a new question, it is almost always asked by those trying to help people like myself define our scope of business. This is necessary to be able to market oneself most effectively and to reach the people who can most benefit from the type of help we can offer. The goal is to help clients find the right therapeutic care for their needs. We call this a therapeutic fit and it refers to the needs/skills equation and also to compatibility as people. The most skilled therapist in the world cannot help someone who finds their presence anything less than comfortable.

Most of my work as a therapist has been with adults and sometimes mature youth. The best way to describe what I do is as Empowerment work. I often call it Soul Work because I see that when people begin to really be themselves: in relationships, career and personal life choices; a new chapter of authenticity begins in their lives. This often involves moving past numerous roadblocks. So many people get damaged in this dog eat dog world. All of the people I see have wounds; some fresh, some old and raw, some still festering and still others scarred and hardened. Moving on in life with the wounds we have is an often difficult passage. It involves acceptance that attachment challenges, traumas, betrayals, rejections and failures have happened. In some way or another wounds happen because we didn't get what we needed, deserved or wanted. Moving on with our lives in no way means that whatever difficulties that altered us are condoned; it means we will not longer allow it to limit our lives and all the possibilities that still exist as long as there is breath in our lungs and the beating of our heart. That is the work I do :)