Soul: A substantial entity believed to be that in each person which lives, feels, thinks and wills...the spiritual and emotional part of a person, life, living being

My philosophy as a healing helper is based on a modern movement within psychology called Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology is a non-pathologizing, strengths based  approach to human development and health. Within this perspective, it is accepted that people become who they are through a combination of genetic attributes and through their experiences living their lives. We are all shaped by our exposure to circumstances, environments and by our responses to these unique life events. 

All people need support and many seek assistance navigating life at some point or another. Sometimes we all struggle AND the fact that you are here means you are a survivor. You have learned many skills, strengths, lessons and scars along the way. These skills and experiences are valuable and will be useful in the journey that unfolds in the future.

In positive psychology you are seen as a person with unique gifts. Our job together is to help you remember the tools and gifts you have and augment your hard earned assets with compassion, tools, information, a co-operative therapeutic relationship,  a safe space to heal and be heard without judgement.