Paradigm Shifts

Have you ever had one of those moments in know, the moment when everything you thought and believed on a subject suddenly seems incomprehensible? It is a moment of liberation wherein one realizes that the walls that set the boundaries in thoughts, never actually existed in reality. In Narrative Therapy this phenomenon is referred to a problem saturated thinking and the solution is to gain an arial view. This requires moving away from the face to face, immovable and confining spaces within thoughts, and beliefs as well as within inter and intrapersonal situations and seeing a new view, hopefully a better, bigger and more expansive view...maybe even a breathtaking view!  It is an amazing moment to be able to see the small corner of the forest that once was the whole game and realize just how small it was. It is a moment of clarity that brings empathy for the former self who--likely through no personal failing--could just not see how big and beautiful the world is.

Yes sometimes climbing the mountain is hard folks...but it is worth the challenge :)